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At times I've thought about setting my alarm in the mornings to the words "WATER!!!! WATER!!!" Until about 10 am, our bodies are generally still in "detox" mode from the night, cleaning up and getting healthy, and we need to be DRINKING TONS to help with this process. Water with some lemon or apple cider vinegar, detox juices, and probiotics will help your body in cleaning up the body and getting rid of toxins. Eat a heavier breakfast a little later in the morning when you begin to feel hungry and your body is ready for food. Try to avoid sweets for breakfast as well, as this will help you stick with eating more savory foods throughout the day.

crustless grain-free GAPS friendly spinach mushroom quicheSlow Cooker Spinach Quiche
Easy-prep mushroom and spinach quiche for a nutrient-dense breakfast..

grain-free breakfast hash slow cookerSlow Cooker Grain-free Breakfast Hash
A savory slow cooker breakfast to make nutritious breakfasts easy-peezy!...

Low Carb Omelet Waffles

Low Carb Omelet Waffles
A fun and way to mix up an egg breakfast! Eggs and cheese in a waffle iron..

gaps diet breakfastVeggie Pancakes
Grain-free, savory pancakes packed with veggies and vitamins!...

homemade breakfast sausage

Rosemary Sausage and Egg
A simple, elegant breakfast with all the right nutrients that will heal and soothe a damaged gut...

pumpkin waffles-16Pumpkin Waffles
Finally!! It's time for autumn spices and fresh pureed pumpkin, and that perfect fall breakfast we've been waiting for...

grain free gaps diet pancakesGrain-free FLUFFY Pancakes
Finally a pancake that's not dry, flat, and tasteless. Here's to breakfast again!!

spinach bake-4Spinach Bake
A savory, healthy, make-ahead breakfast with spinach and homemade "cottage cheese"...

gaps diet breakfastStuffed Acorn Squash
A sweet and savory breakfast bowl to start your day nourishing and healing your gut…

grain-free blueberry muffinsGrain-free Blueberry Muffins
Light, fluffy, and bursting with fresh blueberries, these grain-free muffins are the perfect GAPS breakfast treat!...

Eggs delicately cooked to perfection in a savory spiced tomato sauce...

apple cinnamon omelet-3Apple Cinnamon Omelet
A scrumptious twist on a simple omelet to satisfy that morning sweet tooth...