gaps diet cheesecake
Raspberry Cheesecake
A pecan “graham cracker” crust and rich vanilla cheesecake, topped with a naturally sweet raspberry sauce…

grain-free pie crust

Banana Cream Pie
My favorite pie crust turned grain-free and GAPS-friendly! Filled with a yogurt-based banana cream filling...

slow cooker grain-free bread

Slow Cooker Banana Bread
A grain-free banana bread that's moist and rich?? Yes. It's true.

GAS friendly dessert
Mango Banana Acai Bowl
A tasty blend of cold, tropical superfoods topped with almonds, bananas and coconut

GAPS diet birthday cake
Grain-free Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
This grain-free lemon poppy seed cake is made with almond flour and coconut flour and topped with a coconut icing...

GAPS diet ice cream

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream
Can you even believe this is real?? Probiotic, lactose-free, grain-free, and sweetened with honey. Magical.

mint chip ice cream3
Mint Chip Ice Cream
Cool, refreshing, and creamy ice cream with only natural, good-for-you ingredients

GAPS diet dessert

Pear and Frangipane Tart
A frangipane is a custard or pie filling made from almonds! Already perfect for the GAPS diet and now topped with delicious seasonal pears...

Dairy-free eggnog GAPS diet
Dairy-Free Eggnog
This traditional holiday drink is sure to make your holidays bright, even on a restricted diet. It's a special GAPS-approved treat you just might drink all year long!

gaps dessertsChocolate Sheet Cake
Moist, rich, and everything else a Texas Sheet Cake should be! Topped with a dairy-free frosting and creamy vanilla ice cream...

swedish pancakes-9
Swedish Pancakes
Grain-free, sugar-free crepes made with acorn squash and eggs, and sweetened with stevia. The perfect crepe for dessert or dinner crepes...

gaps diet applesauceHomemade Applesauce
Make homemade applesauce easy, worry-free, and delicious with this slow cooker recipe!!

chocolate mousse with whipped cream-2Chocolate Mousse
Mmmm... smooth, fluffy, and chocolately mousse for a simple indulgence even fit for those with dairy allergies!

ice cream sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwiches
The first time I made these I sat on the floor in shock--I never thought I'd be able to taste that cold and chewy and chocolatey goodness again!...