You might notice a theme to the recipes you'll find on this page... they all seem to start with "homemade." Hmmm... Interesting, you might say. I'm just gonna point out right now that it's not just an interesting coincidence--it's ESSENTIAL that they all start with "homemade"!

Over the last few years as I've focused on trying to heal my body and mind through nutrition, I've been amazed at how much our culture has stepped away from time-honored, traditional foods that for centuries have been known to help keep our bodies healthy and balanced. As a whole, we just don't think of food as life-sustaining. It's a convenience. Or even an inconvenience for some. Quick, easy, and processed foods--stripped of bio-available vitamins and nutrients, then deodorized and injected with colors, chemicals and indigestible supplements--are wreaking havoc on our systems.

On the other hand, re-discovering the healing nature of broth, fats, cultured foods, raw foods, and sprouted nuts and seeds have breathed life back into my body. With a little time, these traditional foods have healed my digestive tract, restored a healthy gut flora, stimulated the production of digestive enzymes, and helped vitamins and nutrients begin to be absorbed and produced in my body. It's absolutely changed my life. Simple, everyday habits to incorporate the healing foods you'll find below will transform your life--healing digestive issues and giving yourself the opportunity to chase your dreams once again!

chicken broth
Homemade Bone Broth
Homemade broth contains essential fats and nutrients that seal the digestive tract and regrow the gut wall, healing the body of food allergies and digestive diseases.

probiotic sour creamHomemade Cultured Dairy
Homemade yogurt is both lactose-free and rich in beneficial bacteria (probiotics), enzymes, minerals, and nutrients that are destroyed in commercially produced yogurt.

homemade countertop sauerkraut
Homemade Sauerkraut
Natural fermentation has been used for centuries to preserve food, increase nutrients, improve digestion, and decrease toxicity of foods. For me, it's restored health I haven't experience for a long time.

Favorite Probiotic Recipes

apple raspberry kvass probiotic
Apple Raspberry Kvass
A light, fresh, and fizzy probiotic drink to tickle your taste buds and heal your gut!

GAPS diet ice cream
Cultured Mint Chip Ice Cream (Lactose-free)
This smooth and dreamy ice cream has been cultured for 24 hours, eliminating complex sugars, filling it with beneficial probiotics, and making available gut-soothing nutrients like lactic acid.

probiotic soup sauerkraut
Sausage Sauerkraut Soup
This soup adds sauerkraut right at the end to preserve the naturally occurring probiotics! It also adds a slight tang to this already flavorful soup.

homemade countertop sauerkraut
Counter-top Homemade Sauerkraut
Homemade sauerkraut can be made on your countertop! There's not even a need for extra culture starters because cabbage provides the necessary bacteria!

homemade raspberry yogurt
Raspberry Fluff
This lactose-free treat comes together in only a few minutes and will populate your gut with plenty of good bacteria to restore health to your whole body..