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One of the most frequent concerns I hear about starting a diet such as Paleo, GAPS, or SCD is that people wonder how to eat when they are not home a lot! Take if from someone who thrives on multi-day adventures, I know it can be intimidating. But with a few of the right tools, even travelling or trekking without any processed foods can become simple! Dehydrating foods--even whole meals--is a trade secret for backpackers and whole foods travelers alike. If you haven't made the decision to invest in a dehydrator yet, you can also use your oven, just barely cracked open, with similar results. Not all these snacks are fit for the road, but can be a nutritious and healthy snack when you need a little something to get you through the day!

gaps diet applesauceHomemade Applesauce
Make homemade applesauce easy, worry-free, and delicious with this slow cooker recipe!!

cranberry cream cheese dip-5Cranberry and Cream Cheese Dip with Grain-free Crackers
Crispy nut crackers with a sweet, tangy cranberry sauce and rich cream cheese.


grain-free GAPS friendly granolaGrain-free Slow Toasted Granola
Crispy grain-free granola with bursts of chewy dates and a touch of honey and cinnamon..

GAPS diet snacks homemade gummy fruit snacks

Gummy Fruit Snacks
Just a few simple steps and two ingredients for your own homemade fruit snacks!


zucchini chips-2Zucchini Chips
Crispy, salty zucchini chips for a healthy snack! A great way to use up all that garden zucchini...

GAPS diet snacks jamHoney Peach Jam
This jam is simple and sweet, with a nutritious secret ingredient to heal the gut..

gaps diet breakfastVeggie Pancakes
Grain-free, savory pancakes packed with veggies and vitamins!...

apple raspberry kvass probiotic

Apple Raspberry Kvass
This kvass is a simple probiotic, fizzy drink you can make on the counter in a couple days!

homemade Good2Go bars

 Homemade Good2Go Bars
The perfect fat and protein rich snack! Like a fat bomb but with a little more protein...

homemade grain-free cheese crisps GAPS dietCheese Crisps
2 ingredients and 15 minutes for a salty, crispy GAPS-friendly snack!


homemade cashew butter

Nut Butter
Nuts can be harmful to your body if not prepared well. But when soaked and dehydrated, they can be used to make scrumptious snacks!

dehydrated banana chips

A Tribute to CarrotsDehydrated Bananas
Traveling, packing lunches, or hitting the trails is about to get way easier--try dehydrating!! It's delicious, convenient, and healthy...

dehydrated green beans2-2Dehydrated Green Beans
They surprised us all! The most popular snack on the trail! A healthy snack for anywhere on-the-go.

homemade raspberry yogurt

Homemade Raspberry Yogurt
Quick and easy, this raspberry fluff is perfect for a light, fresh summer treat.