Learn How to Heal Through Nutrition

When you are chronically ill, life is ultimately dictated by your symptoms.

I remember a lot of times in college when the terrible fatigue and heaviness in my limbs made it virtually impossible to do the things I loved to do. On days I wanted to go out and have fun with friends, stomach pain and bloating kept me home. And the headaches that constantly clouded my mind often made me feel spacey and disconnected from my surroundings.

Every single day was affected by my symptoms. Some of the things I experienced on a daily basis I didn't even realize were actual symptoms--I just thought it was part of being "me."

The more I researched, however, the more I realized that the bloating, the abdominal pain, the fatigue, the headaches, the "air hunger," the allergies, the dips in my finger nails, the hair loss, the eczema, the anxiety, the sugar cravings, the bad breath, the receding gums, the acne, the mood swings, the cramping--were not just "normal" 21st century things. They were actually symptoms from real dysfunction in my body. Some system or another was having difficulty doing what it was supposed to do. And it was showed itself with all these painful symptoms.

Western medicine teaches us to treat and mask the symptoms of dysfunction with chemicals and drugs. I'm here to teach you that real healing can and DOES happen when we listen to the body and give it what it really needs--proper nutrition and proper care.

I'm living proof that healing through whole food and a natural lifestyle is possible. And now it’s my duty to TEACH, TEACH, TEACH what I’ve come to know. Health is precious! And each of us deserve a life full of energy and good health, where we can enjoy the people and things we love.

This section of Nourish Family Nutrition is dedicated to education. These blog posts will help you learn more about what real health looks like and how you can achieve it too:)

Healing with Nutrition

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