GAPS Diet How To Videos

How-To Videos

When I started the GAPS diet I felt like I was learning how to do everything for the first time! How to cook, how to clean, how to travel, how to shop, how to eat out, how to socialize--you name it!! I often wished there was someone at my side--right there in my kitchen--who could show me the ins-and-outs of living a toxin-free life and a traditional, healing diet. Although there were lots of resources online about natural living and traditional cooking, not all of those resources made it look easy, nor gave me any hope of being able to do it on my own.

These GAPS diet how-to videos are meant to help not only those who are just starting GAPS (and who are pretty much learning how to do everything all over again from scratch), but also those who are looking to make traditional, healthy, wholesome living a littler simpler! Let me know whatever questions or thoughts you might have and what else you'd like to see!!

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From my Instagram Stories

Cultured Dairy
Quick late-night review of myself making homemade cultured dairy! Quick and easy:)

Fast Garlic
Peel and mince garlic in 5 seconds AND easily get the smell off your fingers

Pear Tarts
Grain-free holiday desserts in the food processor! Oh so delicious!

The Basics

Bone Broth
Make healing bone broth in your slow cooker in less than 2 minutes?.. well kinda;)

Homemade Yogurt
Culturing your own yogurt creates a nutrient-rich, gut healing superfood--and eats up all the lactose!

Homemade Mayonnaise
Create a light and fluffy mayonnaise with real food and healthy fats!

15 second Mayo
Want perfect, creamy, healthy mayo in 15 seconds? You got it:) Plus an extra recipe for you in the video!