GAPS Diet Resources

To put is simply, the GAPS diet is a nutritional program aimed at healing the digestive system.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, explains what GAPS is in this way.

"In our modern world where people are regularly taking antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs, where food is laced with chemicals alien to the human physiology, an increasing number of people have damaged, abnormal gut flora dominated by pathogenic [disease-causing] microbes. As a result, a person's gut is unable to nourish the body properly; instead it produces large amounts of toxins that absorb into the bloodstream, get spread around the body, and cause disease. This is GAPS" (The Heal Your Gut Cookbook, ix).

Diseases and symptoms of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) are many, but I think Americans are most familiar with them as seen in patterns such as the rising diagnosis of autism and ADHD; widespread asthma, food allergies, and anemia; and in general, an increase in health problems despite unparalleled medical technology.

My Journey on the GAPS diet

gaps diet resources

I began the GAPS diet in 2014 as a way to heal the digestive problems and other health issues I had experienced for years and which had only been aggravated by doctors' prescriptions. I was amazed at the healing I experienced, but also at the discovery of incredible, traditional healing and dietary practices that we, as a culture, have lost. Valuing, enriching and preserving the nutrients contained in food has been replaced by quick and easy meals with long shelf-lives and tons of chemicals to make it look better and keep us craving more.

The GAPS diet sends a person on a dietary journey back through time, incorporating time-honored healing traditions such as bone broth, fermented foods, cultured dairy, and nutrient-rich meals. It removes all grains, sugars, and starches which are difficult to digest and which inhibit both the healing of the gut wall and the restoration of good gut bacteria.

The diet has absolutely restored my health--and actually given me energy and strength that I've never had before. I'm not an expert by any means, but in my journey through the GAPS diet, I've learned much about food, nutrition, detoxification, and other health practices that I will forever be grateful for and that hope I can continue passing on to others.

What I want to share with you

This page is meant to be a resource for those who are also looking for ways to restore health to their body and mind. There are always things we can be doing better, so don't get overwhelmed if you just can't make it out to that local organic farmer this week or if you just didn't have time to detox more than 5 minutes today. It's okay! Keep trying!! The most important part is that you are doing something. I hope some of these GAPS diet resources will help you in your journey to gain health, rid your body of disease and incorporate traditions that will heal you and generations to come.