Find safe, non-toxic products for the family!

Our bodies are amazing when it comes to cleaning up toxins and chemicals that don't belong inside of us. Complex cells and organs are constantly surveilling and sorting what doesn't belong and getting it out. The liver, especially, does an incredible job of cleansing our body and keeping us from getting bogged down with toxins.

Even so, detoxifying the body is laborious process and in today's society, the toxic load on our bodies can easily get out of hand. The long lists of chemicals in our personal care products, the pesticides and herbicides in our produce, the preservatives and flavor enhancers in our food, the off-gassing of household and commercial products, the plastics that seep into our water--all these add up and put strain on the liver and lymphatic system. 

Toxicity build up in the body can have many effects--too long to list here. Ultimately, chemicals in the body jam up cells, organs, and body systems, leading to disease--and if some toxic load is too much to handle, can ultimately lead to death (this is what we would "poisoning").

Most chemicals we are exposed to each day do not come in the quantities or toxicity that would cause death. But the general load we put on our bodies can weigh down our systems and make us sick. 

I've spent my fair share of late nights scouring the internet for products that were both effective and SAFE for me to use. As general public awareness has increased about chemical dangers, we've seen companies bursting up everywhere with safe alternatives. It makes shopping for safe products much easier than in past years. Some products work better than others, and while this list isn't complete, I've used these products and find them to be a good fit for me and are safe to use and consume. 

Let me know if you have questions!

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